Yoga is a great way to start your surfing day by building and warming up the energy on your body focusing yourself before a session, and also after by stretching and relaxing your physical and mental bodies.

The classes have always varied sequences along your stay. From beginners to advanced levels our certified Yoga teachers will make sure that you are safe on the mat, driving you into amazing inner journeys.

Yoga is already worldwide known as a very good complement for sports, mainly surfing, as it allows you to know and accept your body limits, stop competing with yourself, breath calm and deeply, which makes you enjoy and improve more and more your surfing.

“Breathing is an air wave inside you that make your body move and live, and by connecting to it you calm down and pull up your energy. Like a wave on the ocean, when you tune into it, seems like everything is in harmony and all your body and soul feels completely relaxed and joyful.”