Surf classes

The surf classes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Every day we check the best spots and conditions to run our classes, to provide you the best time in the water, in complete safety and funny environment.

Each class has the duration of 2 hours in the water,  being all the material (surfboard + wetsuit), transport to the spots and safety insurance included. Apart from the time in the water, its given a lot of importance to the warm-up, theoretical approach and teaching, and stretching after the surf.

Our team is composed by the most motivated surf teachers, that are all certified by the Portuguese Surf Federation and the International Surf Association. They will get you to that next level of surfing experience.

According to your level, you will learn from safety in the water, paddling, standing up, surf green waves and basic turns to powerful manoeuvres and barrels. In order to get your learning skills updated, every day we check your progresses and we give you the right equipment to help you to perform better, always according to the surf conditions.

We are very sensitive about the amount of people that stays with each surf coach, being our operational average (95 % of the time) 6 students to 1 coach.

For us the most important is that you feel comfortable and safe, enjoying your wave riding, improving your surf skills and of course, have the fun of your life with your old and new friends.

Surf Guide

The surf guiding is an experience for those that are already in an intermediate and advanced level of surfing, which feel comfortable in both beach and reef breaks and want to chase for perfect waves.

Every day we analyse the surf forecasts and according to the tides, wind and swell directions we plan to go to the best spots all around Ericeira, and also Peniche, Nazaré, Sintra and Lisboa.

The trips are led by experienced and qualified surfers who know the region and have surfed the different spots several times.

Surfing for us is not just a sport but a true life style. Connecting ourselves to the rhythms of the ocean where everything is unstable allows you to live life in a more relaxed way, making us enjoying every moment like that few seconds in a perfect deep barrel.


There is nothing like going out into the ocean, arrive to the outside, close your eyes, connect to yourself, breath, paddle to the next wave, drop it, balance your body on your board, dance through the wave….and your are done, a new day just have started 😉