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The Surf Yoga Portugal Surf School has the license nº 414 from the Portuguese Surfing Federation (FPS). We are completely passionate about surf coaching and our mission is to make you a better surfer every day.

We have a strong focus on the following areas, to provide you the a great memorable time:

  1. Fully qualified instructors from the Federação Portuguesa de Surf (FPS), local surfers, that are in the water with you assisting every step of the way.
  2. We only surf on the best beaches to suit your ability. As we are mobile we can be flexible to customise the trip to get the best surf.
  3. We offer the best equipment to assist your surfing journey. From warm wetsuits to a complete range of board selection as soft boards, short boards and longboards.
  4. Surf safety and ocean awareness is our highest priority which our instructors will ensure you become well trained in. Insurance is also included during all the period that you are with us in the water.
  5. Fun! In the end, thats all that matters :)

Surf School

At Surf Yoga Portugal Surf School our coaches will get you to that next level of surfing experience.

Our surf school is ideal for a variety of circumstances: from novice beginners who have never ridden a board to advanced surfers who want to push their level.

Each class has the duration of 2 hours in the water, being all the material (surfboard + wetsuit), beach transfers and insurance included. Apart from the time in the water, its given a lot of importance to the warm-up, theoretical approach and teaching, and stretching after the surf.

According to your level, you will learn from safety in the water, paddling, standing up, surf green waves and basic turns to powerful maneuvers and barrels. In order to get your learning skills updated, every day we check your progresses and we give you the right equipment to help you to perform better, always according to the surf conditions. Every day we check the best spots and conditions to run our classes, to provide you the best time in the water, in complete safe and funny environment.

We are very sensitive about the amount of people that stays with each surf coach, being our operational average (95 % of the time) 6 students to 1 coach.

Learn to Surf - Beginner

We provide efficient surf lessons for beginners, that will develop your surf skills while ensuring full safety for you in the water. Learn how to surf with us and we promise you, it will only take you one wave to get hooked! Oh we guarantee, this is going to be fun:)

Surfing has a very steep learning curve. Understanding the basic techniques from the start is key. Even if you have taken a few lessons here and there, you might have a lot more to learn at this level of coaching. The difference is that you will live a whole trip with the same surf coaches that will get time to know how you surf and what you need to improve.

Here´s what you can learn with Level 1:

  • Paddling Techniques
  • Basic surfing equipment
  • Security aspects
  • Surf etiquette
  • How to pop up on a surfboard
  • What is a proper surf stance
  • How to swim through the white water
  • How to read waves

Develop Skills - Intermediate

Surfing is addictive. This coaching is designed to identify the important changes you can bring to your technique that will end up making a huge difference in your surfing, and the fun you have in the water! You will receive personalized tips on how you surf and what to improve.

According to your level, here´s what you can learn with Level 2 coaching:

  • Generate more speed
  • Pick the right waves
  • Choose the right surfboards for specific conditions
  • Duck dive
  • Improve your bottom turns
  • Improve your top turns
  • Adjust your stance
  • How to do cutbacks
  • Improve your overall agility on the face of a wave

The main difference between Level 1 and Level 2 surfers is their autonomy in the water. In order to benefit from Level 2 tips, you need to be comfortable paddling through the white water and catching unbroken waves by yourself. If this is still a challenge for you, you will benefit more from the Level 1 coaching.

Surf guide - Advanced

The surf guiding is an experience for those that are already in an intermediate and advanced level of surfing, which feel comfortable in both beach and reef breaks and want to chase for perfect waves.

Your guide will come out & surf with you & call you into a few bombs! This surf tour is for advanced surfers that do not need assistance and tuition in the in the water.

Every day we analyse the surf forecasts and according to the tides, wind and swell directions we plan to go to the best spots all around Ericeira, and also Peniche, Nazaré, Sintra and Lisboa.

The trips are led by experienced and qualified surfers who know the region and have surfed the different spots several times.

The Surf Guide includes:

  • Transport to the Surf spots
  • Surf gear (wetsuit + surfboard)
  • 2 hours Personal Surf guiding
  • Personal accidents insurance

Each Surf Guide costs 40 € / pax.

Group and Private classes

Get a thorough and personalized introduction to surfing with your own instructor in our Private lessons. You can’t go any better than a 1 on 1 private lesson. This is the fastest way to learn how to surf or to improve your surfing with 100% of your coaches attention focused on you.

You can also create your own private group lesson, or book your crew party for a surf lesson. Bigger groups are also welcome.

We’ll take you to the best spot according to the conditions of the day for an unforgettable surf session. Improve your level while discovering new spots on the World Surfing Reserve.

For us the most important is that you feel comfortable and safe, enjoying your wave riding, improving your surf skills and of course, have the fun of your life with your old and new friends.

We book the surf lessons to fit your schedule, and all equipment is provided.

Each private class is 100 €.

For groups ask us for a quote.

Video and Photo Analysis

We also provide a photo / video analysis if you wanna get some footage. We believe that being able to see how your surfing is, its incredibly helpful to your surfing progress, no matter what the level. Our surfing analysis will help you to show you where you are going wrong so you improve your techniques for your next lesson.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing yourself on footage to improve performance. By comparing your technique we are able to see how best to alter your technique to ensure you get the most out of each and every wave. Being used all around the world for a variety of different sports, video analysis coaching is an incredibly valuable tool for surfers wanting to move to the next level.

Each surfer will get a detailed analysis of their strengths, but mainly their areas for improvement through constructive feed forward. We use easy to understand analogies that allows the surfer to focus and remember exactly what they need to work on in the water.

Each Session of 2hours of your surfing on film or photos sent directly to you costs 60 € / person.

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